Have Your Own Web Team

Monthly support and maintenance for your website.

Monthly support means that your website stays up-to-date and continues to provide the quality service your clients have grown to expect.

And with the use of support tickets, you can submit changes for your website at no additional cost. Whether it’s new content, pictures, or updated information, you won’t have to worry about your website being out of date.

Monthly Support

All the Support You'll Ever Need

Secure Hosting

We host your website on our premium servers. We use the #1 hosting provider with 24/7 support.

Content Updates

We update your website as your business evolves. We’ll change, text, pictures, videos, etc.

Design & Software Updates

The premium design features we use require consistent updates to ensure mobile and browser compatibility.

Website Backup

Our backups run daily and can be restored in whole or at file level. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Speed & Security

Our premium hosting provides higher level security, and faster speeds for the user experience on your website.

Support Tickets

Support tickets are our way of providing access to changes at no additional cost. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to having a website or are looking to replace your existing one, here are some common questions new clients tend to ask.

Websites today are like your smartphone or laptop; they need regular updates. Those updates patch security vulnerabilities, update design tools for expanded functions, and keep your website compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

On average we’ve found that websites will experience a minor or major site issue within 4-6 months of receiving no updates.

A hacked website can result in down time, significant recovery costs, and possibly needing to rebuild your website altogether. 

PPS has you covered with all the updates and security protection your website needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your website will continue to serve your existing and new patients 24/7.

We’ve got you covered!

Content updates are provided through a ticketing system. You’ll receive 2 tickets per month where you can make simple edit or content addition request. Examples are:

  • Change of staff picture and info.
  • Add or edit contact information.
  • Add services.
  • New pictures or text.
  • Insert badges or accolades like BBB or links to articles of recognition.
  • + Much more.

Yes. We ask that you allow us to make any major aesthetic changes to the website, but we have clients that like to have access for things like:

  • Writing & posting blog articles.
  • Adding photos to a gallery.
  • Announcement page edits.
  • + More

In most cases, your changes will be live within 48-72 hours of submission.

You’ll be able to notify us of the importance of the changes, and our team will always do our best to give attention to your needs asap. (example: low, medium, high priority)

Our client feedback has shown this to be a top reason Medical Professionals choose PPS. Many major agencies take weeks to make website changes, leaving the client to feel undervalued.

We promise to give our full YES to supporting your medical website.

Your website is backed up a minimum of 1x daily. However, our team is checking your website daily to see if there are any minor/major updates that need to take place. In the case that an update needs to be made, we create another specific backup prior to those updates.

If there’s every an issue or incompatability with an update, your website will automatically rollback those updates while we troubleshoot to resolve the issue.

During this process, your website will always remain live and users will never know what is taking place in the background.

It’s a complete done-for-you support service.

Yes. Our web team and credentialing team is located in the USA.

Ready to get started?

We are excited to help you with your website design. We have listed the various design options below, please make a selection based on the design that you prefer. Your site will still be custom tailored to your needs and specific design needs but your selection will provide us with a framework for design.